What a weekend…

I can’t believe just how epic and amazing the last 2 days have been. Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago Aviation Geek Fest was scheduled to go live and I was looking forward to it. The thing is, the weekend was more amazing than I expected.

There was so many people and although I was working, I expected Saturday morning to be a bit quiet, it wasn’t It was all go, all the time. Worth every minute really. At times I felt like I never got a break, but it was so much fun, met so many people (although I didn’t get as much time to spend with people as I would of liked to) and It all just happened so fast as well.

I really did have the best time with all the other Avgeeks. The Renton factory tour was a blast, and it was so suprising just to see how many planes they pump out of so small a factory. Add onto that the Everett Factory floor tour where you are standing at Ground level while 747s and 777s and 787s tower above you. Totally crazy! The Dreamliner gallery was like a playground for those aviation geeks like us (and no doubt those buying their 787s) where they can choose and pick every little bit of their 787 experience.

My highlight for the weekend though, was the Water Cannon salute, or at least, what was left of it, after we tried to fix it. Things didn’t happen the way they should have and by the end of it, I was standing on the side of Taxiway Alpha, directing buses and fire engines ready for the salute!! Awesome experience!

From Aviation Geek Fest 2013

The big thing I have to say is thank you to all those involved. Including Boeing, Museum of Flight, all the companies that donated prizes and time, The Paine Field Fire Department but most of all the guys at Future of Flight. The biggest thanks go to the few who planned the majority of the weekend. David, Toni & Sandy. They deserve the biggest thanks and without them, the weekend would not of happened.

Amazing times and Amazing people!

From Aviation Geek Fest 2013


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